Feature: “Redefining Beirut’s Cityscape”

Recently in LAU Magazine, Kristen Hope Burchill’s article “Redefining Beirut’s Cityscape” featured At the Edge of the City amidst new projects where “a new generation of ethical designers and architects are challenging conventions.”

Yet a new generation of Lebanese, particularly those with an eye for art, are finding it more difficult to romanticize Lebanon’s paradoxical identity.
An emerging group of architects and graphic designers are mixing their aesthetic imperatives with a critical assessment of Beirut’s ongoing “postwar” reconstruction. (Hope Burchill, 2010)

– Read the full article by Burchill on LAU’s ISSUU Page.

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I am an urbanist practicing, researching and critiquing contemporary urbanism, architecture, design and spatial culture in the contemporary city. He is laureate of the Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance Award, editor of At the Edge of the City on the closure of Beirut’s urban park, and coordinator of the critical collaborative DISCURSIVE FORMATIONS.